The Peter Newburg Building
1st & 2nd Floor Retail/Office space in historic building w/modern elevator


4500 sq ft of 1st floor space, 6140 sq ft of 2nd floor space, and 4500 sq ft of clean, dry basement with concrete flooring and elevator access.

Located in the Heart of Downtown La Crosse. Available for Lease/Development.

In the 1930’s, what were originally 4 separate buildings were connected into one large building. Large windows were installed on the 2nd floor, walls were removed and the space was “opened up”.

The 1st & 2nd floors are available for lease, although the 2nd floor has plans in the development stage for 4 large luxury apartment/condos.


Why Pearl Street / Downtown La Crosse?

Historic Peart Street is located in the heart of historic downtown La Crosse. Only 2 blocks long, this street runs East to West between the La Crosse Convention/Event Center and the major thoroughfare through the downtown, 4th Street. Because of it’s two block length, it is more of a gathering place and walking avenue than it is a street.

Nineteen brick commercial buildings constructed in the late 1800s survive on this single street. Beautiful brick and mortar facades line the street on both sides. Street lights designed to look like period gas lights line the street on both sides, lighting the brick buildings and brick sidewalks by night.

The La Crosse Center is the city’s Civic and Convention Center, featuring a wide variety of concerts, comedians, theaterical presentations, circuses, rodeos, wedding receptions big & small, and dozens of State and national conventions yearly, with groups as diverse as the National American Legion or the Midwest Organic Sustainable Education Service Convention, the largest organic-farming convention in the world taking advantage of the multi-use facility for its 25th Annual convention.

Pearl Street is right out the front door of these events and their thousands of attendees.

Pearl Street on its first block, between the La Crosse Center’s front doors on 2nd Street, and 3rd St, features

  • Holiday Inn Express
  • ice cream parlor
  • a coffee shop
  • a ballroom
  • a painting classroom/store
  • Wisconsin cheddarheads shop
  • a bar/restaurant
  • stock brokerage firm
  • a Martini Bar
  • a dance bar
  • a national chain sandwich shop.

on its 2nd block, as Pearl Street crosses 3rd Street and continues to 4th Street, it features

  • a hip hair salon
  • a national Mexican food restaurant
  • a boutique clothing store
  • a national chain sandwich shop
  • an amazing independent bookseller
  • a 110-year old independent hardware store
  • a local coffee shop
  • an all-ages music and arts venue
  • an engraving shop
  • 3 bars
  • one bar restaurant
  • Wisconsin’s largest rubber stamp store
  • and one vacant parcel that could be yours.

Pearl Street parking is abundant on the street as well as in 3 ramps all within 1 block.

Historic Pearl Street, at the center of the city’s downtown business and entertainment district, is truly the heart of La Crosse.


About La Crosse

In 1896, Mark Twain wrote about La Crosse in "Life On The Mississippi."

"La Crosse. Here is a town of twelve or thirteen thousand population, with electric-lighted streets, and blocks of buildings, which are stately enough and also architecturally fine enough to command respect in any city. It is a choice town."

The charm of La Crosse has only grown over time. Now, with a population of over 52,000 in the City and 114,000 in the County, La Crosse is known for its hospitality and beautiful location between the Mississippi River and the bluffs.

The City and County of La Crosse feature

  • A strong manufacturing base, top-notch transportation linkages and a quality workforce
  • An affirmed healthcare mecca, anchored by two of the best institutions in the country
  • A spectacular retail market located between the large metropolitan areas of Minneapolis and St. Paul to the northwest and Madison, Milwaukee, and Chicago to the southeast
  • A growing technology sector rooted in the quality of life of the region and the creativity that it fosters
  • A tourism and entertainment destination, focused in arts, culture and sports

The city invests heavily in helping small business owners grow through the Small Business Development Loan Program. The program helps business owners grow their businesses while creating jobs in the city.Learn more.

Drawn by the natural beauty of the area, one million tourists visit La Crosse each year. La Crosse is known as “the place where three rivers meet.” In addition to the Mississippi River, the La Crosse and Black Rivers join together at the north end of the park. For more information, visit Explore La Crosse.


La Crosse’s Unstoppable Growth

Construction cranes highlight the current skyline in La Crosse, with dozens of projects big and small in progress. New construction is surrounding the historic core foundation of the city in all directions, and looking out from Pearl Street an array of developments are underway:

  • Two blocks North of Pearl Street, a new $68 million project featuring housing, office, and retail development is being built, and is well underway.
  • Two and a half blocks Northeast, a $30 million boutique hotel just opened after renovations of an old building.
  • Two blocks to the South, a $12 million Fairfield Hotel is under construction.
  • One block from Pearl Street towards the West, a $7 million Hilton Home2 Suites is underway.
  • Five blocks North, a $10 million Hampton Inn & Suites is just finishing construction, featuring an all-brick facade to match the historic buildings downtown.

In the epicenter of all of this major construction is Pearl Street, the historic centerpiece of this booming river town.

Quick Facts

  • 1st Floor Retail Space
  • 2nd Floor available until developed
  • 4500-10640 sq ft
  • Modern Elevator
  • HVAC updated 2008/Gas Forced air & boilers


Location Map